Ministerial Internship Training Program


The Old Westbury Seventh-day Adventist Church offers a well-rounded development in all the phases of ministry—evangelistic, pastoral, teaching (i.e personal and group instruction) and various departmental activities.


  • Evangelistic—Opportunity should be given to the intern by observation, participation, and the techniques of successful soul-winning evangelistic programs.

  • Pastoral—Training shall include some months in association with the Old Westbury SDA Church Lead Pastor. During this time, opportunity shall be given for observation and participation with the pastor in the duties involved in caring for church members and all the different ministries and events of the church, including the prepartion of sermon and delivering the sermons to the church.

  • Teaching—Opportunity shall be given to the intern for participation in teaching individuals in home evangelism, community Bible schools, and evangelistic Bible and baptismal classes.

  • Promotion—Opportunity shall be given to the Intern to develop qualities of leadership and organization under the supervision of the Old Westbury SDA Church Lead Pastor and Conference Administrators in programs such as youth ministries, promotional activities, educational conventions, and other conference events.


At the end of the program (10 months), the intern should be given the opprotunity to work with all the situations listed bellow: 

  1. Spiritual/Pastoral Care: 

    • Pastoral home visit (Visiting members at home with Lead Pastor)

    • Hospital visitation  (Visiting member at the Hospital with Lead Pastor)

    • Bible study (Group and/or Prayer Meeting Bible Studies)

    • Anointing service

    • Baptism

  2. Worship Services

    • Sermon preparation

    • Worship planning

    • Child dedication 

    • Communion and communion practice

    • Ordinations (Elders & Deacons)

    • Plan special holiday programs

  3. Special Services

    • Funeral & funeral visitation

    • Wedding & wedding rehearsal

    • Home dedication / blessing

    • Prayer at local community functions

  4. Organizational

    • Participate and Chair the Church Board 

    • Nominating committee

    • School board

    • Finance committee (Review financial statements of the church) 

    • Elders and deacons Meetings

  5. Missional Leadership

    • Conduct a reaping series of messages

    • Small group leadership

    • Learn how to give bible studies including decision calls 

    • Organize and plan a mission trip

  6. Personal Development

    • Personal spiritual retreat

    • Receive assistance for 10 months 

    • Develop a life plan (Ask your Ministerial Field Secretary for guidance)

    • Real conflict resolution situation

    • Church Manual and Minister’s Manual



  • Core Qualities (NAD) 
  • New in Ministry (Dr. James Stevens)
  • Ministerial Intership Manual (Australia Union Conference)  



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